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Recharge-Online is a web-based B2B recharge and bill payment service through which any Retailer/Consumer/Distributor can recharge any Pre-Paid Mobile, Data Card, DTH or carry out utility bill payments (Electricity, Landline, Gas, Mobile, Insurance, Water), and earn soaring benefits on each recharge. Recharge-Online also comprises other product offerings like Flight, Bus, Hotels and Shopping Online.

Consumers can save time by using Recharge-Online and chuck out the hassles to keep in mind so many usernames and passwords of every service provider such as Vodafone, Airtel, Idea etc. One user ID is necessary for all recharge and bill payments. Registration, recharge, payment is secure and uncomplicated.

It comprises the ingenious mobile computing solution by which a consumer can recharge using the mobile devices. Recharge-Online is embedded with easy interface of desktop and mobile device recharge online. You may access Recharge-Online on any portable device such as mobile, tabs, laptops. No extra or hidden cost is there post-billing, You only pay the maximum retail price.

Recharge-Online services are categorized in following categories.

  • Partners (Retailer/Distributor/Consumer)
  • • API Solutions
  • • Mobile App Development (Android, iOS, Windows, BlackBerry App)
  • • Recharge Software Development (B2B, B2C)
  • • Usage of Modems
  • • LAPU Recharge Software

Partners (Consumer/Distributor/Retailer):

Recharge-Online offers partners a facility of Online & Single SIM Recharge and benefit of Mobile App(Android, iOS, Windows, BlackBerry App). Recharge-Online supports one SIM all recharge software to ease the procedures. Partners obtain the commission, proceeds or share on each recharge. Partners might also arrange their own point of sale through single SIM recharge solution.

Recharge-Online has an exceptional recharge and bill payment alternative for partners and offices (Corporate or SME) where they might do bulk recharge of their personnel or bill payments on a sole go. User can obtain new and exclusive coupons and offers from time to time.

Utilizing the advantage of mobile recharge software, we have become a pioneer in providing mobile solutions. Single SIM recharge service assist the partner to utilize any SIM/ Operator/Service Provider with facility of SMS sending for recharge and utility bill payment, regardless of any brand or company. Consumer can recharge and pay the bills of several service providers.

API Solutions:

API means "Application Programming Interface" and it is a protocol (set of rules plus regulations) intended to be utilized as interface by several software applications to correspond with one another. Recharge-Online is providing API for lifetime, with no hidden cost for business owners, companies and aggregators for the integration with their application. Recharge-Online is amalgamated with dominant API which is a blend of Mobile, Data Card, DTH and utility services. Recharge-Online API is dynamic and gets updated regularly to offer superior services. It's HTTP, XML or JSON supported.

Recharge API has categories, API for Mobile Recharge, DTH, Data Card Recharge and Utility Bill Services. Mobile Recharge API comprises main mobile operator recharges with API separately integrated in master API server. For example, there's Airtel API, along with other providers' individual APIs for recharges. The entire API procedure is equivalent for DTH, Data Card and Utility Bills.

Recharge-Online is a pioneer in offering API Services for aggregators who desire to extend their individual site and want to maintain their brand for recharge plus bill payment. Recharge-Online offers White Label Solution, which assist the aggregators to expand their network without the panic of being caught, of assuming the services. As API provider, we assist in API integration procedure and the Implementation rules.

Mobile App Development:

Recharge-Online is also presenting mobile app for usage and development. User can utilize the Android App, or else iOS, Windows, Java or BlackBerry App Platform. We present the development and download facility of these apps for the consumers as per their necessities.

Recharge Software Development:

Recharge-Online also offers the improvement of recharge software for the clients as per their immediate necessities, via B2B or B2C software. B2B ( Business to Business) portals are online sites that facilitate recharges of the Mobile, Data Card, DTH and Bill Payment of the same with Utilities and others. Our B2B software or B2C( Business to Consumer) online portal offers only the most excellent services through the most recent software as well as technology. Recharges may be done at everyplace for any consumer at any moment, for any given amount and frankly speaking, for any definite service provider. It just can't get any superior than this! So countless options all obtainable through one solitary SIM. We offer incredibly simple B2B and also the B2C solutions

Usage of Modems:

Modem software is an absolute solution for our recharge partners. The brilliance of the solution is that a recharging agent might recharge Mobiles, DTH and Data Cards and provide other services distantly from a single registered mobile along with getting instantaneous response. This is the foremost software of its kind to permit turn-key resolution for the clients. This sort of software is easy to install, trouble-free to use and can be run effectively by the help of frequent updates. It's efficiency eases recharges and bill payments.

LAPU Recharge Software:

LAPU ( Local Area Payment Unit ) is the typical recharge system that is comprised in everyone’s life and this, the LAPU recharge implies that any recharge done either mobile or DTH is made with LAPU SIM, that is a SIM which is operated to recharge mobile or the DTH SIM cards. Recharge-Online offers most recent LAPU recharge which is an idyllic platform to recharge quite a few connections indicating the model and exercising usage of sole recharge point. This system offers uncomplicated recharge without any hold-up or delays. It is an automated arrangement and it really saves time which is lost in maintaining single record of each online recharge.

Our specialty in innovating industrious software application is synonymous to this LAPU software application which permits recharge outlets to make use of E- recharges. With in-depth and careful innovation and resourceful technique, our company has in fact sculpted a position of eminence in the market for offering this LAPU recharge system. With online LAPU recharge offered by Recharge-Online, one can swiftly recharge the mobile or DTH straight away and promptly in just a couple of clicks.

LAPU recharge offers purposeful advantages to each and every one As far as merchants are concerned, they can manufacture electronic coupon and with the support of quite a lot of alternatives, recharging merchants can get rid of unnecessary breakdowns and get all recharges done swiftly. The flagship business in India has in reality made a name for itself in the web development realm by crafting ingenious internet alternatives and methods. Innovation has really brought out high-tech LAPU based recharge method.

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