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Please go through the following terms and conditions meticulously prior to registration, access, browsing, download or usage of the site. By accessing or usage or our service, you consent to remain bound by the terms and conditions presented below, comprising any added guidelines and further modifications. If at some time you do not agree or wish to be bound by the terms and conditions, you cannot access or utilize the site and instantly cease using these services.


The Terms and Conditions (as might be amended occasionally, "Agreement") is a legal pact amid you, an individual consumer, associate, user, or recipient of this service of a minimum 18 years of age ("You"), and Recharge-online Mobile Solutions Private Limited (subsidiaries and affiliates), ("Us"). "We", ("Recharge-online"), are entrusted with your use of our prepaid mobile/DTH/Data Card recharges (or "Recharge") services (or "Service") . The Recharge-online web-site (or "Site") and service is conditional on your conformity with the terms and conditions with all exhibits. Recharge-online reserves the power, at its individual discretion, to amend, add, or remove portions of the same anytime without prior notice. You shall re-visit the link occasionally to stay informed of any alterations that the "Site" may initiate. The services hereunder are presented by Recharge-online, situated at: Recharge-online Mobile Solutions, India.


The services are not offered to individuals under the age of 18 or to someone deferred or removed formerly from the Recharge-online services. By acceptance of Terms & Conditions or by using Services or Site, you signify that. You have the right, power, and capability to enter into the Agreement and abide by terms and conditions of the same. You may not impersonate any individual or body, or incorrectly state or feign identity, age or association with the same.


Recharge-online doesn't offer mobile service and is a reseller of prepaid services by telecom service providers ('Telco' or 'Telcos') or other aggregators or distributors of the same. Recharge-online isn't a insurer, warrantor or guarantor of services provided by Telcos. Recharge sold to You by us is without any liability for any contract breach by Telco. Any disputes concerning price, quality, minutes offered, termination, or any terms of the Recharge bought should be directly handled between You (or the Recharge's recipient) and Telco.


  • Recharge-online is a bus ticket agent. It doesn't operate own bus services. To provide a complete choice of bus operators, departures and prices, it has tie-ups with numerous bus operators or providers.
  • Recharge-online's advises customers is to select bus operators after knowing and conforming with details.
  • Recharge-online's responsibilities comprise:
    • • Issuing valid ticket (a ticket accepted by bus operator) for its network of bus operators.
    • • Providing reimbursements and support regarding cancellation.
    • • Providing consumer support and information regarding delays/troubles.
  • Recharge-online's responsibilities exclude:
    • • Bus not departing/reaching promptly.
    • • Rudeness of employees.
    • • Bus seats not up to the passenger's expectation.
    • • Cancellation of trip due to obvious reasons.
    • • Customer baggage getting misplaced/stolen/spoiled.
    • • Suddenly changing a passenger's seat to accommodate a lady/child.
    • • Customer waiting at the incorrect boarding point (call the bus operator to know the exact boarding point if you aren't a regular traveler).
    • • Changing boarding point and/or utilizing a pick-up van at boarding point to carry travelers.
  • o Arrival or departure times cited on ticket are tentative timings. Bus does not depart from source before the scheduled time.
  • o Passengers need to provide the following while boarding the bus:
    • • Copy of ticket (A printout of ticket or ticket e-mail).
    • • Identity proof (Student ID card, PAN card, Driving license, Passport, Company ID card, Voter ID card). Failing to provide so, they aren't allowed to board.
    • o If the bus operator alters the bus type for some reason, Recharge-online shall reimburse the differential sum upon being informed by consumers in 24 hours journey.
    • o Study the ticket cancellation policy meticulously. Tickets are cancelled as per policy mentioned at the ticket. The transaction charges aren't refunded in that case.
    • o Refund policy is indicative. Actual cancellation charges are decided by bus operators and providers at time of cancellation. Recharge-online has no role in this.
    • o Cancellation charges are computed on actual ticket fare. If discount coupons are utilized while purchase of ticket, discounted value is used to compute refund amount.
    • o If booking confirmation e-mail/SMS gets held up or fails for technical reasons or incorrect e-mail ID/phone number furnished by the user, ticket is considered 'booked' till the ticket is displayed on the Site confirmation page.
    • o Amenities for bus shown on Recharge-online are configured and offered by bus provider (operator). These amenities are provided except there are certain exceptions. Note that Recharge-online offers this detail in good faith to assist passengers to take an educated decision. Provision of air-conditioning, video, or any other services mentioned by the travel partners is their individual responsibility. Any refunds/claims owing to cease or unavailability of services requires to be settled openly with the bus operator.

    • o By acknowledging terms and conditions, customer recognizes that Recharge-online may send alerts to the phone number entered by the customers while registration for service. Mobile phone must be 'On' to receive the SMS. If the phone is 'Off', then the consumer might not get or obtain delayed alerts.
    • o Recharge-online makes paramount efforts to offer the service, and the information sent from Recharge-online will be in form of an alert even during the ticket booking, and Recharge-online isn't under any obligation to substantiate the authenticity of the person(s) getting the alert. The purchaser cannot hold Recharge-online accountable for unavailability of service by any manner whatsoever.
    • o Customer accepts that SMS service offered by Recharge-online is an added facility for convenience and that it's vulnerable to slip-ups, exclusion and/ or inaccuracy. In such an event, Recharge-online shall be instantly informed by the customer and will make finest possible efforts to rectify it. The customer will not hold it accountable for any failure, claim, damages, expense comprising legal cost that might be incurred/suffered by the consumer due to the SMS facility.
    • o Customer acknowledges that the lucidity, readability, precision, and swiftness of providing any service depend on factors like communications, connectivity of service provider. Recharge-online isn't responsible for non-delivery, deferred delivery or misrepresentation of alert in any manner at all.
    • o The consumer agrees to underwrite and hold undisruptive Recharge-online and SMS service provider, with its officials from any demands, claims, damages, procedures, failure and expenses whatsoever, comprising legal charges with attorney fees which Recharge-online and SMS service provider can at any time earn, uphold, suffer as an outcome of (i) misuse, inappropriate or deceptive information provided, (ii) the customer furnishing incorrect number belonging to third party, and/or (iii) the customer obtaining any message regarding reservation number, travel itinerary, confirmation of booking, ticket modification or cancellation, delay, alteration in bus schedule, rescheduling from the service provider and/or Recharge-online.
    • o By acknowledging the terms and conditions, the customer agrees that Recharge-online can call the number provided by the consumer, for the intention of collecting feedback regarding travel, facilities and/or services of bus operator.
    • o Grievances and claims linked to bus journey must be reported to support team in 10 days of travel date.


    You accept that excluding details, products or services visibly indicated and supplied by the Recharge-online, we don't function, manage, or endorse the same online, in anyway. You also accept that Recharge-online can't and doesn't guarantee that files offered for downloading from Site will viruses-free, bugs or any damaging code. You are accountable for implementing processes to meet your exact requirements and accuracy of input and output of data.


    By usage of the Services, you consent not to:

    • o use Services for purposes other than to buy Recharge of Telcos, or access Services compliant with these Terms and Conditions offered by Recharge-online
    • o impersonate any individual or unit, falsely allege or misrepresent an association with any individual or unit, or access other accounts without consent, forge other people' digital signature, feign the identity, source or content of details transmitted, execute any fraudulent activity or otherwise buy Recharge with potentially fraudulent funds
    • o breach our or every third party's rights of privacy, intellectual property rights
    • o use Services if you are underage, lacking a parental sponsor or use the Services if You're below thirteen, even having a parental sponsor and compliant with applicable law
    • o post or broadcast any message which is vilifying, defamatory or disclosing private or individual matters of any person
    • o post or broadcast any note, data, illustration or program that's pornographic
    • o refuse to oblige in an investigation or provide identity confirmation to Recharge-online
    • o remove, avoid, immobilize, damage or otherwise hinder with security-related attributes of the Services, Site or features that implement limitations on the usage of Services
    • o annul, decompile, coax, disassemble or attempt to determine source code of Services or any element thereof, except for and only to the degree that such exclusion is specifically prohibited by valid law despite this limitation
    • o use Services in any method that could spoil, immobilize, overload, or weaken it, including, without restriction, using Services in automated mode
    • o modify, adjust, interpret or create plagiaristic works based on Services and Site or any element thereof, excluding and only to the degree that such prohibition is explicitly prohibited by pertinent law albeit this limitation
    • o intentionally hinder with or spoil operation of Services or other consumer's satisfaction of it, by any way, including upload or otherwise circulating viruses, spyware, adware, bugs, malicious code or file with destructive features
    • o use any spider, crawler, robot, other mechanical device, or manual procedure to scrutinize or copy Site without aforementioned written permission
    • o interfere or disturb this Site or networks linked to Site
    • o take action that inflicts an irrationally or excessively hefty load on infrastructure/network
    • o use any mechanism, software or practice to evade Site's robot exclusion headers, or hinder or attempt to impede with Services
    • o forge headers or maneuver identifiers or supplementary data to disguise the origin of content broadcasted through Site or manipulating user presence on Site
    • o sell Services, details, or software linked with or developed from it
    • o use facilities and capabilities of Site to perform any action or importune any illegitimate activity or activity which breaches other's rights
    • o contravene this Agreement or other Recharge-online conformity or policy
    • o provide sham, imprecise or ambiguous information
    • o use Site collect or acquire personal details, including without restriction, financial details, about other customers of Site
    • o purchase Recharge with potentially counterfeit money
    • o use Services in a way that leads to grievances, disputes, setbacks, charge backs, penalties and other accountability to Recharge-online, You or third party
    • o use Services in a way that Recharge-online or a payment card network rationally deem to be an exploitation of system or a breach of network rules
    • o take any action that can make Recharge-online to misplace any Service from its providers, Telcos, payment processors or suppliers
    • o send computerized request of any type to the Site's system without permission from Recharge-online.


    You agree that information provided to Recharge-online on registration and other times, even payment, will be true, precise, existing, and complete. You also agree that this information is constantly kept up-to-date. If You believe that the Account is no longer secure (e.g., in case of misplacing, theft or unlawful disclosure or usage of account ID, Password, PIN, or credit, debit or prepaid card number, Internet-banking login ID/password, if relevant), then You must immediately inform Recharge-online and secure Recharge-online from any accountabilities arising from the misuse of Account.


    Your username will classify your account and all transactions and account-related action on Recharge-online. Each consumer can select a exclusive nickname not to be edited afterwards. You can't employ special characters like #, @ or %. If any account becomes overly inactive, it may be reclaimed without notice. Inactivity is considered as not signing in and/or never doing a transaction from the account on for over 6-month span.
    We persuade you to select a strong password to guard your account. We advise the usage of upper, lower-case letters, insertion of few numerical digits, special characters, like @, #, %. It is recommended that you mustn't share the password with anybody or write it. Check to sign out prior to leaving the PC unattended. Recharge-online by no means, asks for your password.


    Services and/or Site can contain links or references to different web sites or services exclusively for convenience of users ("Reference Sites"). Site doesn't sanction such Reference Sites or information, products, services contained in Reference Sites. In addition, Your communication or business dealings with, or involvement in publicities of, advertisers found on Services and/or Site are exclusively between You and that entity. Access and usage of reference sites, with the information, products, services on or obtainable at reference sites is at your own risk.


    Recharge-online may offer a comprehensive billing summary in future in a preferable format, that may alter occasionally. This summary is found by signing in your account (if you're registered) on the Site. All charges will be involuntarily placed to the credit/debit card, prepaid cash card, PayPal or Internet banking account for an amount of Recharge effectively purchased. No further notice will be necessary for charging Service use to the same. The merchant name "Recharge-online" shall appear on credit card statement for buying of Recharge or any supplementary paid Services you might use from Recharge-online.


    You consent that Recharge-online, in its individual judgment, without penalty, for some or no reason, may defer or terminate Your account (or any element thereof) or Your usage of the Services and eliminate all or some part of Your account, user or recipient profile. Recharge-online may also discontinue offering access to Services, with or without prior notice. You consent that any termination may take effect without r notice, and Recharge-online wouldn't be liable to anyone. Any suspected, falsified, offensive or illegal activity may be passed or to suitable law enforcement authorities. These remedies are other than any remedies Recharge-online might possess at law or equity. Upon termination, You agree to instantly discontinue using the Services.


    In no event would Recharge-online or its agents, contractors, partners, licensors or providers are accountable to you for any particular, indirect, subsidiary, substantial, penalizing, reliance, or typical damages (including lost business opportunities/revenues/anticipated profits or any pecuniary/non-pecuniary loss of any nature at all) arising from or relating to (i) Agreement, (ii) Services, Site or reference site, or (iii) Your use or failure to use the Services/Site or any reference sites, even if Recharge-online or a company-authorized representative is advised of the prospect of the damages. In no case, shall Recharge-online or its directors, contractors, employees, third-party partners, agents, licensors, providers' total accountability to You for all damages, losses, and grounds of action relating to (i) this Agreement, (ii) Services, (iii) Your use or failure to exercise the Services/Site (including some and all Materials) or several Reference Sites, or (iv) any interactions with Recharge-online, rooted and arising in agreement, including disregard, warranty or else, surpass the sum paid by You, if at all, for utilizing the segment of the Services/Site giving rise to a cause of action or INR One Thousand (1000 INR), whichever is smaller. You admit and consent that Recharge-online has supplied its products/services, set prices, and entered into the agreement in confidence upon the assurance disclaimers and limitations of accountability proposed herein, reflect a logical and fair distribution of risk between you and company, and they form an indispensable basis of the negotiation between the same. Recharge-online would not provide the services on an economically rational basis exclusive of these limitations. Applicable law may not permit the limitation or omission of accountability or subsidiary or consequential losses, so these may not apply to You. In these cases, Recharge-online's responsibility will be limited to the maximum extent permitted by relevant law. This paragraph will survive termination of the Agreement.


    You consent to indemnify and hold Recharge-online, its contractors, agents, affiliates, officers, employees, directors and its third-party suppliers, partners, and licensors risk-free from any and every claim, damage, loss, liabilities, and expenses, comprising without limitation legal expenses, arising from or associated to Your usage or misuse of Services/Site, any violation of this Agreement, or any breach of warranties, representations and pledges made herein. Recharge-online keeps the power, at Your expense, to presume the restricted defense of any subject for what You're needed to indemnify company, counting rights to reconcile, and You concur to oblige with Recharge-online's settlement of claims. Recharge-online will employ consistent efforts to inform any claim, act, or proceeding by a third party subject to the preceding indemnification on becoming mindful of it. This paragraph would survive termination of Agreement.


    To the maximum extent allowable pursuant to relevant law, Recharge-online and third-party licensors, partners, suppliers disclaim every warranties, express, statutory or implied, counting, but not restricted to, indirect warranties of merchantability, suitability for an exact purpose, and non-infringement of owner rights. No suggestion or information, oral or written, obtained from Recharge-online or through the services will generate any warranty not specifically affirmed herein. You explicitly recognize that as used in this segment, the term "Recharge-online" comprises Recharge-online's directors, officers, employees, agents, shareholders, licensors, sub-contractors and allied companies. You accept that Recharge-online is a reseller and is not legally responsible for third party obligations due to fees, quality, and other instances, whether to whichever Telco's subscribers or otherwise. You explicitly agree that usage of services/site is at sole risk. It is your accountability to estimate the precision, entirety and utility of opinions, services, advice, retail and other details provided generally. We don't guarantee that the service will be unremitting or error-free or that imperfections in the site would be corrected. The services/site and any information, data, reference sites, third-party software, services, software available together with or via the services/site are offered on an "as is" plus "as available," "all faults" basis and lacking warranties of any type either expressed or implied. Recharge-online, and the third party licensors, suppliers and partners don't warrant that data, software, functions or other information offered on or via the services, site or reference sites will be incessant, or error-free, virus-free, and any of the abovementioned will be corrected. They do not guarantee or make any representations concerning the usage or results of utilization of the services, site or reference sites in correctness, precision, consistency, or else. You understand and consent that you utilize, access, download, or obtain information or data at your own good judgment and risk and you will be only responsible for any harm to your property (computer system and device) or failure of data resulting from the download or usage of material or data. We don't sanction anybody to create any pledge on our behalf and you shouldn't rely on such declaration. This paragraph will survive the termination of agreement. Recharge-online wouldn't be liable for subsidiary, consequential, or roundabout damages arising out of use or failure to use this site.


    Services/Site are owned and managed by Recharge-online and third-party licensors. The visual interfaces, graphics, compilation, design, information, code (source and object code), services, products, software, and other elements of Services/Site offered by Recharge-online are guarded by Indian copyright, patent, trademark laws, global conventions, and relevant intellectual property or proprietary rights, relevant laws. Between You and Recharge-online, Materials, trademarks, and trade names on Site are property of Recharge-online and third-party suppliers. You consent not to eliminate, obscure, or modify Recharge-online or third party's copyright, trademark, patent, or proprietary rights' notices affixed to or enclosed or accessed with Services. Except as explicitly sanctioned by Recharge-online, You consent not to vend, distribute, license, duplicate, amend, overtly display, broadcast, distribute, revise, adapt, generate derivative works from unofficial use of Materials. If You have remarks concerning the Services/Site/ideas on how to advance it, please call customer service. Please know that by doing so, You hereby permanently relegate and assign to Recharge-online, all right, interest and title in and to ideas and implications and any universal intellectual property rights linked therewith. You consent to execute such acts and implement such documents, reasonably essential for developing foregoing rights.


    Recharge-online has the power to alter, adjust, adjoin, or eliminate portions of Agreement by posting notification to the Recharge-online website, www.Recharge-online.com whenever or by communicating the notification. The changes become effectual, and considered accepted by You, 24 hours after original posting and will apply instantly on a going forward basis concerning payment transactions launched after posting date. If You don't consent with such adjustment, Your single and exclusive remedy is to cease Your usage of Services. Recharge-online might be forced under relevant law to provide You advance notice, will conform with such obligations.


    Recharge-online may offer You with notices or communications by email, regular posts or website postings on the Recharge-online Site or additional reasonable means. Except or otherwise put forward herein, notice to Recharge-online should be sent by registered mail or courier to Recharge-online Mobile Solutions, c/o ASU TREXIM PRIVATE LIMITED, 3/14 Maxmuller Path, City Centre, Durgapur, West Bengal-713216, India.


    The breakdown of Recharge-online to implement or enforce any provision or right of Agreement wouldn't comprise a waiver of the same. Any waiver of this Agreement will be effectual only in writing or signed by Recharge-online.


    Recharge-online may choose to reconcile any disagreement, debate or claim arising from Agreement or Service offered in relation with the Agreement by binding adjudication compliant with provisions of the Indian Arbitration & Conciliation Act, 1996. The same shall be arbitrated on individual basis and wouldn't be consolidated in any adjudication with claim or disagreement of other party. The arbitration will be performed in New Delhi, India and verdict on arbitration award might be entered thereof in any court possessing jurisdiction. Either you or we might look for any interim or preliminary release from any court of capable jurisdiction in New Delhi, India, required to safeguard rights or property of users or Recharge-online (or suppliers, agents, subcontractors), pending the conclusion of adjudication. Any arbitration will be classified, and nobody may divulge the existence, content or outcomes of any adjudication, except required by law or arbitration award. All administrative expenses of an arbitration is divided uniformly between you and us. In all negotiations, each party will abide the individual expense of lawyers and groundwork. The Arbitration language is English.


    Except agreed by parties or described in the Arbitration sector above, you consent that any claim or dispute you might have against Recharge-online should be resolved by a New Delhi court. You consent to submit to a individual jurisdiction of the courts situated within New Delhi, India for litigating such claims or arguments. This Agreement will be governed by the Indian laws, without altering any codes of conflicts of law.


    If any stipulation of this Agreement is considered illegitimate, annulled, unacceptable or otherwise not enforceable, then it will be limited or eradicated from this Agreement to the least required coverage, and the residual provisions will stay suitable and enforceable.


    This Agreement, and all rights awarded hereunder, might not be transmitted or assigned by You exclusive of any prior written approval which can be withheld in our exclusive discretion, but can be assigned by us without restraint. Any assignment endeavored to be done in violation of this condition shall be annulled.


    Upon cessation of this Agreement, provision which, by its character or specific terms should carry on, if any, will survive that termination or cessation as applied for transfers and affiliation before the same.


    Herein, the heading references are for purposes of convenience, and not constituting an element of these Terms and Conditions, and wouldn't be estimated to restrict or influence provisions hereof.


    This is deemed the entire agreement connecting You and Recharge-online involving the subject matter hereof and shall not be adapted except written, when signed mutually by parties, or by an alteration to this Agreement done by Recharge-online compliant with the Agreement terms.

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